Sentence Three years for credit card fraud. Her co-defendant, Janine, is serving five years because Arun wimped out in the dock and changed her plea to guilty.

Background Born Aron, son of Kenyan Asian parents. Arun had the 'op' a couple of years ago and managed to conceal her identity from the judicial system thanks to recent changes in the law which allow transsexuals to change their passports and driving licenses to reflect their new gender.

Profile Arun is from a mixed-race, middle-class Catholic background. She clings to her religion for more sentimental reasons - it's a part of her identity she can't imagine herself without and is too superstitious even to dare, despite long ago losing faith in the dogma.

Arun's acceptance into a female prison is actually a triumph for her... finally she has made it as a woman! Totally in her element on the level of 'all girls together' conviviality, her sweet-tempered vivacity makes her easy to like and to laugh with. One problem she didn't anticipate is that her hormone medication would be routinely confiscated on her arrival at Larkhall.

However dire Arun's situation, it's nothing compared to the threat she faces from her co-defendant, Janine. She holds Arun solely responsible for her prison sentence and is hell-bent on revenge.

Last seen... Entertaining G-Wing with her role of Prince Charming in the Christmas panto, 'Snow Black' (s7ep13).&nbsp