S3 BukiLester

Sentence Thirty months for GBH after she knifed her pimp

Background No known family. Lived in a string of abusive local authority and foster homes. Has a son, Lennox, who she gave birth to and then abandoned in the toilets of Kings Cross station when she was thirteen.

Profile At first glance, Buki is just another selfish addict who wouldn't think twice about grassing on her fellow inmates to get herself off the hook. Out of necessity she has learned to fight, steal, take drugs, and lie compulsively... very convincingly. Beneath the surface is a vulnerable woman scarred by the years of sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

As well as being a crack addict, Buki is a chronic self-abuser. She has learnt that pain is sometimes the only way of blotting out the bad memories. Like many inmates, she suffers from very low self-esteem and desperately needs to be valued as a person rather than a commodity.

Last seen... Looking forward to her imminent release and the prospect of being reunited with her son (s5ep16).&nbsp