Sentence Four years for GBH - she smashed a girl in the face with a pint glass.

Background Did some work for the yardies before doing a runner with a bag that didn't belong to her. Has a younger brother, Terence.

Profile Darlene is built like a skyscraper, a Jamaican yardie with an uncontrollable temper and manic mood swings. She can also be boisterous and up for a laugh, just as long as it isn't directed at her.

Darlene has a huge chip on her shoulder and is sensitive to anything and everything that's said about and to her. She will accuse people of plotting against her at the drop of a hat. Pointing the finger and claiming racial discrimination is her all-time favourite.

Darlene believes that she can sort anything out with her attitude and her fists. No matter how violent her retribution or how ridiculous her accusations of being disrespected, she will never take the blame for anything she does.

Last seen... Setting fire to herself on the G2 landing after being manipulated into killing the husband of evil celeb, Catherine Earlham (s8ep10).Write the text of your article here!