Denny Blood

Portrayed by

Alicya Eyo

First Appearance

Episode 1.1

Last Appearance



7 Years for Arson


Transferred to an Open Prison

Background Edit

Denny's mother Jessie Devlin is a thrice married alcoholic. She witnessed her mother's disruptive behaviour until eventually she was taken by social services when she was 5 years old. Denny was then passed from care home to care. She was sexually abused from the age of 13 by her foster father.

Sentence Edit

After being sexually abused Denny eventually found happiness in a care home, however she was then told that she was being moved on. She took her revenge by setting fire to the home. She was found guilty and given 7 years for arson.

Whilst in Larkhall Edit

Denny is the enforcer and sometimes lover of Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson), she is initially portrayed as thuggish and cruel but later develops to be somewhat caring and kind, especially to her girlfriend Shaz Wiley (Lindsey Fawcett). When Shaz is accidentally killed in a fire, Denny becomes vengeful and seeks to get revenge on Snowball Merriman (Nicole Faraday), an inmate who caused the fire by trying to escape. Denny later bonds with Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry) and later is sent to Whitecross an open prison. Denny is released from Whitecross in 2008.