Grade Officer (Basic). Was Wing Governor for the brief time between Karen Betts's departure and Frances Myers's arrival.

Sentence Di is one of two Larkhall POs to have spent time on the wrong side of the bars. She was remanded in custody whilst awaiting trial for murder.

Background Worked full-time as a PO whilst caring for her bedridden mother until the stress forced her into a nervous breakdown. Married twice, firstly to Neil Grayling, and then to Fenner.

Profile On the surface, Di is a jolly person who enjoys the camaraderie of her colleagues and genuinely feels for the inmates. She likes to think her sunny nature bathes G-Wing in a warm, friendly glow and wants everyone in the prison to be part of a happy family, with her wrapped in its bosom. The truth is that Di is seriously screwed up. It's not just that she pretends to others that things are all sweetness and light; she pretends to herself as well. She doesn't know that she's actually full of self-loathing.

Di sees her obsessions with individual men as adult, reciprocated relationships and views potential rivals for her men's affections as two-headed monsters. Her desperate need for love makes her a ruthless enemy to anyone who gets in her way.

Last seen... Stewing in a cell on G-Wing whilst desperately trying to prove that she didn't murder Fenner (s7ep13