Grade Officer (Basic).

Background Brought in a small terraced house in Merton. Turned down a university place when his father became ill and joined the Prison Service to help support his parents.

Profile Dominic isn't the brightest of sparks but he's kind towards the women, and they respect him for that. But they also sense his awkwardness, especially where matters of a sexual nature are concerned, and enjoy having a little fun at his expense.

The inmates know that Dominic doesn't like punishing them with bang-ups and loss of remission. Perhaps this means he's a soft touch, but he's also incorruptible. His positive attitude and dedication to the women make him an excellent officer.

Dominic is not afraid to speak his mind about the petty barbarities of prison life. Hollamby's views make him squirm and he's often in conflict with her. The one officer Dominic truly admires is Helen Stewart and it's not long before his professional regard for her takes a romantic turn.

Last seen... Dropping Di off at home after Hollamby's anniversary party (s2ep13). He then headed off on holiday to Greece and decided to stay there after falling for a local girl.