Officer (Basic).

Background Grew up in the East End of London and has three older sisters. Was originally a PO on Larkhall's D-Wing before being transferred to G-Wing.

Profile Donny originally wanted to join the police, fancying himself as a bit of a detective, but didn't get through the intensive training course. He is therefore happy to have recently joined the Prison Service and almost sees it as glamorous. On his first day wearing his PO uniform he looked in the mirror and felt proud - he's finally arrived - and the uniform's great.

Donny likes a bit of banter and loves to chat to the women of G-Wing. Having grown up in a household full of women, he is in touch with his sensitive side and has a knack of making them feel understood. He also likes a bit of a flirt and is good at the cheeky chappie routine, never short of the odd wink or two.

Donny prides himself on his work and takes his job very seriously. Wide-eyed and eager to please, he's readily recruited by the police to become a Police Liaison Officer. Donny feels that this is a chance to prove his true talent for detective work.

Last seen...

Celebrating the birth of his baby daughter (s8ep11).our article here!