Sentence Remanded in custody for allegedly withholding information on the whereabouts of her alleged terrorist husband, Hassan.

Background Born Emily Clarke into a working-class Liverpool family. Was carrying out research for her chemistry doctorate when she met Hassan. She converted to Islam and changed her name to Emira.

Profile Emira is articulate and educated, but gobby with it. She's a cold fish and when she first enters Larkhall, has an irritating sense of her own self righteousness that makes her a very unsympathetic character on first meeting. A British convert to Islam, she is extreme in many of her views and smug about her 'saved' status. The women think she's up herself and give her a wide berth. Only Tina becomes interested in what she has to say.

Emira is convinced that her husband has been framed by the anti-Muslim government, but when she learns that police have found traces of explosives in her flat, her aloof demeanour begins to crack. Could her husband be guilty after all?

Last seen... Being released from Larkhall after helping the police to locate her husband (s8ep3)