Officer (Basic).

Background Spent a number of years working as a barmaid before deciding to join the Prison Service. Previously worked on Larkhall's D-Wing before her transfer to G-Wing.

Profile Gina's boyfriend Mark is the love of her life and, although she's a huge flirt herself, she gets madly jealous if he so much as looks at another woman. Gina knows Mark thinks the world of her and this makes her highly aware of her sexual allure.

Gina's experience of dealing with drunken punters certainly comes in handy on G-Wing and the inmates regularly find themselves on the receiving end of her stinging put-downs. She's quick-witted and fun, but she's also totally unafraid of anyone. Her confidence and attitude have earned her the respect of some of the most dangerous women in the country.

However, Ginass main problem is her temperament. No matter how much she tries to control herself, she never succeeds and may live to regret it.

Last seen...

Being taken away from Larkhall in an ambulance after a fight with Di Barker caused her to miscarry her baby (s3ep14).article here!