Helen Stewart

Portrayed by

Simone Lahbib

First Appearance

Episode 1.1

Last Appearance

Episode 3.16

Job Title

Wing Givernor (Series 1 & 2) Life Liason Officer (Series 2 & 3) Governing Governor (Series 3)

Background Edit

Helen mother died when she was young, so she was brought up single handily by her father a ministe. After leaving universit, and full of ideals, Helen was fast tracked into the prison system with the System's graduate training scheme.


Whilst in Larkhall Edit

Helen was Wing Governor of G-Wing, whose authority was seldom adhered to, by the prisoners or the screws. Following a personal struggle with her sexuality, the battle to stand as an authority figure in Larkhall and the breakup from her fiancé Sean, she went on holiday to clear her head. After a delay in her flight, Helen is replaced by Jim Fenner. She returns shortly after but leaves. She then returns and began working with the lifers, was sexually assaulted by Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis), and struggled with coming to terms with her sexuality, she fell in love with prisoner Nikki Wade (Mandana Jones). When Simon is fired following the escape of Shell Dockley, Denny Blood and Shaz Wylie, Helen becomes the new governing governor of Larkhall. Her feud with Fenner comes to a head and she resigns from Larkhall before he manages to have her sacked.