Sentence Originally sentenced to two years for theft, but now serving a term of eight years for GBH with intent.

Background Real name Sonya Dawson. Her ex-husband, Andy, took their three children, Rhiannon, Martin, and Gary, to America after she was sentenced and got a restraining order to prevent her from seeing them.

Profile Just like her best friend Julie S, Julie J is a popular inmate. She's soft-hearted, kind, and extremely loyal to her friends on G-Wing. Emotionally weaker and more unstable than her partner-in-crime Julie S, Julie J relies heavily on her to stop people taking advantage of her kind heart and gullibility.

Julie misses her children dreadfully, but she realises that she will probably have a proper relationship with them. As time wears on, the prospect of living with Julie S and her son becomes the most important thing in her life, but when Julie S is diagnosed with breast cancer, the dream began to look like just another fantasy.

Julie S is now thankfully in remission, but she has made it clear that she will refuse treatment in the event of her cancer returning. Although she respects her friend's wishes, Julie J has been vocal in her opposition.

Last seen... Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates on G-Wing (s8ep11).