S6 JulieSaunders

Sentence Originally sentenced to two years for theft. Now serving a term of eight years for GBH with intent.

Background Has a son, David, whose expensive private education is paid for with the proceeds of her life of crime.

Profile Julie is an immensely popular inmate. Always friendly and with a heart of gold, she would do anything to help a friend in trouble, especially Julie J. Julie S is definitely the boss of their relationship, but she feels protective towards Julie J and spends a great deal of time mopping up her tears with a hankie.

Julie also believes she has psychic powers. She loves to make people - especially Julie J - laugh, but she does have a tendency to take herself rather seriously at times. A battle with breast cancer has given Julie a harder edge and a renewed vigour to challenge the system.

Last seen... Celebrating Christmas with her son David, daughter-in-law Fidelity, and grand-daughter Ashanti (s8ep11).&nbsp