Sentence Life. She was convicted of murdering her father by stabbing him through the heart when he was asleep. Kris confessed to the crime to protect the real killer, her younger sister, Milly.

Background The second youngest of four daughters. She always took her violent father's side against her mother until younger sister, Milly, began to receive the same treatment. Worked as a taxi driver before her arrest and lived with her long-term girlfriend, Selena.

Profile Kris is street-smart and charismatic, a good-looking and sexually confident lesbian from a working-class background. Her upbringing has made her independent, observant, very sharp, and an excellent judge of character, but resistant to self-scrutiny and wary of emotional attachments. Kris is determined to make her own way and never be at the mercy of anyone else's needs and demands.

Kris arrives in Larkhall determined to live up to expectation and earn herself a hard 'rep' and her fellow inmates are quick to respect her swagger and her confrontational attitude towards the screws. She has absolutely no fear of authority, something that POs Hollamby and Fenner find overly threatening. However, there's a shock waiting from her on G-Wing when she discovers that the PO unlocking her cell door is her girlfriend, Selena.

Last seen... Protesting her innocence on top of a London monument (s6ep12).&nbsp