Grade Officer (Basic).

Background Lives with her parents in Wandsworth, South London. Has never had a partner and is scared to go to gay bars in case she runs into ex-inmates.

Profile Lorna's job gives her enormous satisfaction. She loves the uniform and telling 'the girls' what to do. Lorna is pretty thick and the women know it. She has a natural, masculine swagger and likes to throw her weight about, threatening physical reprisals if the women step out of like. She's also condescending, something that annoys some of the more intelligent inmates who don't appreciate being treated like naughty schoolgirls.

In her bid to be everyone's favourite screw, Lorna has to make concessions. Once she has stepped over the line, she is quickly taken advantage of. Ultimately, she pays a very high price.

Last seen... Being handcuffed and taken away to a waiting police car after being caught smuggling drugs onto the wing (s1ep9).