Grade Wing Governor

Background Brought up in a working-class family. Her sister, Vicky, blames Lou for an abortion that left her unable to have children. She's determined to have her revenge, by making Lou's life as difficult as possible.

Profile Strong and pragmatic, Lou has so far made a success of her career in male prisons and is now a wing Governor up ntil she has steered clear of female prisons, but finds it easy to get on with the inmates at Larkhall because she's able to understand where so many of them come from. Lou is a smart cookie who is more than capable of winning their respect.

The old guard POs think all of their nightmares have come true when Lou saunters onto G-Wing, not least because she attacks any bigotry with scathing wit. She's also prepared to bend the rules for the prisoners if she thinks those rules are detrimental to them.

From her first moment at Larkhall, Lou's progressive ideas and refusal to take herself seriously are like a red-rag to Joy's bull. Joy likes to run her prison with a rod of iron, but Lou has some very different ideas and she's not afraid to fight for them.

Last seen... Being given her marching orders after attacking prison SMO, Rowan Dunlop (s8ep9).