Grade Officer (Basic)

Background Has a long-term girlfriend, Sandy who she calls "the Mrs" and two babies - her dogs, William and Harry.

Profile A butch, experienced PO, Mandy was transferred to Larkhall from HMP Lintworth. As well as being open and proud of her sexuality, Mandy can be good fun, but she's always the one laughing hardest at her own jokes and will always say the wrong thing in any situation. She also talks far too much about her personal life.

As a PO, Mandy is a good sort and happy to get on with her job although somewhat accident prone. Although she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, she's loyal and kind, but her naivety and gullibility do tend to get her into messes.

Last seen... Reeling from the news that Sandy had left her for another woman (s8ep11).