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Officer (Basic).

Background Formerly a D-Wing PO, Mark transferred to G-Wing to spend more time with his girlfriend, Gina Rossi.

Profile Mark is a bit of a ladies' man. He receives a lot of attention from the inmates because of his good looks and enjoys the effect this has on his jealous girlfriend, Gina. It is therefore unfortunate that Gina has a fondness for flirting with her male colleagues. Mark is equally as jealous and possessive and as a result, their relationship is peppered with fierce arguments and break-ups.

As an officer, Mark is firm but fair. He empathises with the inmates and cares for their welfare, but he's also a realist and knows that they will always take advantage given half the chance. When all is said and done, Mark is a nice ordinary bloke. He's good enough for most women, but not enough for a bastard for Karen Betts's taste.

Last seen... Leaving Larkhall after accepting a promotion and transfer to another prison (s4ep14).