Maxi Purvis

Portrayed by

Kerry Norton

First Appearance

Episode 3.10

Last Appearance

Episode 4.12


24 Months for ABH and handling stolen goods; Remand for the murder of Virginia O'Kane


Deceased - Commited Suicide

Background Edit

The Purvis family were well known for being a close knit and criminal family. She joined the Peckham Boot Gang with her sister Tina and Scottish best friend Al McKenzie.

Sentence Edit

Aling with her older sister and best friend she was found guilty of ABH and handling stolen goods. She was also out on remand for the murder of Virginia O'Kane but died before it went to court.

Whilst in Larkhall Edit

Maxine 'Maxi' was the head of the "Peckham Boot Gang" and tries to become Top Dog of G-Wing. She has her subordinate kill Virginia O'Kane (Kate O'Mara) and attempts to kill Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry). Despite her cruel nature, she does care for her sister. Maxi committed suicide after losing a fight against Shaz Wylie (Lindsey Fawcett).