Sentence Twenty-four months for ABH and handling stolen goods.

Background Born into a close-knit, criminal family. Older sister Tina is also doing time on G-Wing.

Profile A natural leader, Maxi arrived on G-Wing determined to be 'top-dog' whatever the price. Like Shell Dockley, she has the ability to think up instant excuses when forced into a corner, but unlike Shell, she possesses enough animal cunning to withdraw from a confrontation with losing face.

Maxi's ruthlessness and total fearlessness know no bounds. She was even prepared to confess to murder in order to drop Fenner in it. However, the harder they come, the harder they fall and Maxi's battle with Yvonne was always going to end with one of them paying the ultimate price.

Last seen... Committing suicide by choking herself to death on toilet paper (s4ep11). Her body was hidden underneath the chapel altar by Hollamby when the Prison Inspectors turned up to visit (s4ep12).&nbsp