Sentence Four years for handling £400,000 of stolen funds.

Background A widow with a dependent, thirty-year-old Down's Syndrome son, Spencer.

Profile Monica arrives at Larkhall a bitter and frantically worried woman. Her real crime was her naivety; her trust and suppressed love for her corrupt employer led her to do things she would never normally consider. Although her crime was not for personal gain, as his financial advisor she was left to carry the can when he fled the country.

Someone of Monica's age and class would usually be targeted by the other inmates, but she shows her mettle early and wins their respect. Her middle-class background doesn't prevent her empathising with her fellow prisoners, and she is soon playing 'mum' to the younger inmates.

Last seen... Was released after successfully appealing against her conviction (s1ep10). Monica went on to open a halfway house and made a brief return when Julie S was released on an electronic tag (s2e3).