Sentence Originally remanded in custody whilst awaiting trial for income tax fraud. Later sentenced to twelve years for trafficking illegal immigrants and child prostitution.

Background Ran a language school that was a front for her real business - bringing underage illegal immigrants into the UK for use in the sex trade.

Profile Natalie's self-confidence, warm estuarine accent, fashionable clothes and infectious charisma suggest that she is sweet-coated candy... but there is a much darker side beneath the clean-cut surface. As a result of whatever damaging formative experiences, she is a callous, clever, and manipulative psychopath with extensive experience of the nastier end of the sex trade.

Lacking the weaknesses of former top-dog wannabes Shell Dockley and Maxi Purvis, Natalie is intimidating enough to bully the weaker inmates and clever enough to manipulate the clever ones, she's also fully aware of her physical appeal and has no qualms about using her body as just another weapon in her arsenal.

Last seen... Natalie's decomposing corpse was last seen clogging up Larkhall's drains (s8ep11). Then her ghost popped up in one of Hollamby's nightmares... Bodybag's very own ghost of Christmas present (s8ep11).