Governor (Grade 1) until demoted to G-Wing Governor (s7ep11).

Background Married twice. His first marriage ended when his wife caught him in bed with another man. He then entered into a disastrous marriage of convenience with Di Barker.

Profile Neil arrived at Larkhall full of management babble and determined to drag the place into the twenty-first century. His desire to modernise was by no means altruistic though, career advancement was all. It came above everything, including his deeply closeted sexuality.

Maybe it was Neil's decision to stop living a lie and come out to his colleagues that brought about the emergence of his conscience, but ever since then, he's actually started to care about the welfare of the women on G-Wing. Neil is fully committed to applying his forward-thinking techniques to a system he believes is in dire need of reform. Although the inmates are receptive to his efforts, his staff are proving a much harder nut to crack.

Last seen... Lying dead on the floor of his office, one of the victims of an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease (s8ep1