Phyllis Oswyn

Portrayed by

Stephanie Beacham

First Appearance

Episode 5.4

Last Appearance

Episode 8.11


5 Years for Fraud


In Larkhall at the end of the Series

Background Edit

Phyl’s father was a knighted General in the Army. As a result, Phyl spent most of her upbringing travelling. Phyl has been married thrice: first to a professional tennis player, then a racing-car driver, and finally a former golf professional who deserted her for a younger model. Previously dated an Art Dealer named Oliver

Sentence Edit

Phyl and partner-in-crime, Bev, sold shares in a non-existent Costa del Sol golf course, as well as running various fake charities to help Spanish orphans.

Whilst in Larkhall Edit

Phyl first appeared Series 5 mainly for the role of comic relief in the usually dark storylines. She and Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) were together known as the "Costa Cons". After conning Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) they are transferred to an open prison, but abuse the advantages and are soon returned to Larkhall. They resurrect their schemes and home brewing. Phyl becomes Top Dog following Yvonne Atkins' (Linda Henry) "escape" but this ends when a power struggle with Wing Governor Frances Myers (Eva Pope) turns sour. Phyl and Bev succeeded in conning many inmates but after a deal went horribly wrong, they escaped from Larkhall to Marbella and after committing murder and theft, Bev is sent back to Larkhall while Phyl remains in Spain for a few more days. She is later returned and the two continue to manipulate and take advantage of the inmates and staff of G-Wing until the final episode in 2006, in which Phyl and Bev aid Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton) in giving birth.