there have been alot of prison officers over the years from helen stewart (s1ep1-s3 ep160 to neil grayling (s4 ep2-s8 ep1).

governing governors

1simon stubberfield]](s1 ep1-s3 ep8) 2 Helen Stewart s3 ep8 3neil grayling]](s4 ep2-sep10) 4joy masterton]](s7 ep11-s8ep10)

G wing governors

  1. helen stewart(s1 ep1- s2 ep4)
  2. karen betts(s2 ep1-s6 ep12)
  3. frances myers(s6 ep1-s6 ep12)
  4. jim fenner(s7 ep2-s7ep10)
  5. lou stoke(Wing governor/s8ep1-s8ep9)

principal officers

  • jim fenner(s1 ep1-s1ep10 and s2 ep2-s4 ep4)</li></li>
  • kevin speirs(acting/ s7 ep2-s7ep13)</li></li>
  • karen betts(S4 EP3-SE4 EP10)</li></li> <li style="text-align: center Sylvia Hollmaby Sernior s1 ep10 and s2
  • </li></li>
  • officers (basic)</li></li>
  • diane barker( s2-s7 ep13)</li></li>
  • lorna rose(s1 ep1-s1 ep10)</li></li>
  • dominic mcallistair( s1 ep1- s2ep13)</li></li>
  • selena geeson( s5 ep14-s6 ep12)</li></li>
  • mandy goodhue(s8 ep1-s8 ep11)</li></li>
  • colin hedges(s5 ep1-s7 ep6)</li></li>
  • sylvia hollamby(s1 ep1-s8 ep11)</li></li>
  • donny kimber(s8 ep1-s8 ep11)</li></li>
  • gina rossi( s3 ep4- s3 ep14)</li></li>
  • mark waddle( s3 ep6-s4 ep14)</li>

    smo's (senior medical officer)


  • malcolm nicholson(s3 ep1-s7 ep11)</li></li>
  • thomas waugh(s3 ep1-s3 ep16)</li></li>
  • dr rowan dunlop(s8 ep1-s8 ep9)</li></li>