Sentence Four years for fraud after to cover up the wheeler-dealing of her boss and secret girlfriend Cassie Tyler.

Background Married to Aidan with whom she has two young children, Michael and Niamh.

Profile Vulnerable and over-emotional, Roisin is a victim of circumstance rather than a hard-bitten criminal and as such, was always going to find it hard to cope in prison. The enforced separation from her children is more than she can bear, and the blase attitude of her girlfriend and co-defendant, Cassie, doesn't exactly help much either.

Although greatly sympathetic to others, Roisin lacks the hard edge that so often proves to be the key part of survival inside and drugs quickly become the only way she can make it through the day on G-Wing. However, when the chips are down, Roisin does possess hidden reserves of resilence and strength. She's definitely someone to have on your side in a life or death situation.

Last seen... Heroically rescuing Neil from the fire in the library and getting badly burnt in the process (s4ep16). As a result of their actions, she and Cassie were later pardoned and released.Write the text of your article here!