Senior Medical Officer

Background A consultant psychiatrist, he had his own Harley Street practise until he was sued by a patient for malpractice. Has a pregnant wife, Hannah.

Profile There's a hint of pomposity about Rowan, but this can be forgiven because of his apparent earnestness and dedication, not to mention his handsome charm which has endeared him to many nurses and patients throughout his career.

Rowan has always been excessively ambitious - he comes from a long line of doctors and lawyers - and therefore he's very sure of himself and where his rightful place in the world should be - on the dustcover of a bestselling book.

So what is a brilliant doctor like Rowan doing working in a place like Larkhall? Simple. He needs a control group for his own psychiatric experiments. He's a ruthless man, desperate to have his name on the TV, for all the acclaim, and funds, this will bring.

Last seen... Recovering in a hospital bed after being attacked by Lou (s8ep9).