Selena Geeson

Portrayed by

Charlotte Lucas

First Appearance

Episode 5.14

Last Appearance

Episode 6.12

Job Title

New Entrant Police Officer (NEPO)


Sacked for having an affair with an inmate

Profile Edit

The daughter of liberal, middle-class parents, Selena’s got confidence and exceptional social skills after spending her childhood in adult company. In all reality, she’s got everything it takes to be a world-class prison officer: what a shame she only entered the prison force to be with her girlfriend, Kris Yates (Jennifer Ness), who was imprisoned for murder. Up for anything and afraid of nothing, Selena’s got the ability to give as good as she gets verbally and physically, and her Estuary accent and vivacious personality makes her a popular officer.

Selena’s got a flirty demeanor – her good looks and attractive personality make her the subject of every man’s intentions. Little do people like Fenner know that she only has eyes for Kris. Selena also has a slight possessive and jealous streak.

Selena and Kris were last seen protesting for Kris’s innocence. Kris was later transferred to another prison, and Selena was most likely sacked.