Sentence Life: she murdered three people by spiking the oysters she sold in a supermarket.

Background Lived in Sheffield with her mum, violent step-dad, and brother. Best friend is her dog, Molly.

Profile Shaz in a happy-go-lucky girl who has no idea of what a life sentence actually means. Extremely immature, she is more interested in the next pool tournament than dwelling on the fact that her freedom is gone. Shaz has no real handle on her crime. She only intended to get her bullying boss into trouble; to her, it is simply unfortunate that three customers died.

Shaz enjoyed her time on remand, learning tricks from fellow inmates. When she arrives on G-Wing, she actively looks forward to meeting new friends, and immediately strikes up a close friendship and physical relationship with Denny Blood At times exasperating, at others endearing, Shaz struggles to grasp the concept of maturity. Whenever it looks like she's finally growing up, an impromptu stunt sees her mental age bottoming out once again.

Last seen... Trapped in the art room and surrounded by flames after the bomb Snowball merriman planted in the library exploded (s4ep16).