Grade Governing Governor

Background Lives in Fulham with his wife, Stella. They have two children.

Profile Simon strives to look the part of Governor, so loves media appearances and impressing those with influence. He is both ambitious and indolent. His sights are set on promotion to Area Management and he'll do anything to keep his reputation unsullied. This is why he can't be relied on to run a fair regime.

Rather than visiting his wings, Simon is the kind of Governor who prefers to run things from his office. His face is rarely seen on G-Wing, and he's referred to the inmates as "Stubbsy something". When things go wrong at Larkhall, Simon will look for scapegoats, but he'll always take the credit when things go well.

Last seen... Leaving Larkhall after being forced to fall on his sword by Area Management (s3ep8Write the text of your article here!