Sentence Four years for drug smuggling. She committed the crime in order to avoid extradition to the USA for the murder of a photographer in Florida.

Background Real name Tracy Pilkington. Born in Wigan.

Profile With her long blonde hair, revealing clothes, and sexy American drawl, Snowball was bound to turn heads and stir up hormones on G-Wing. Physically, she bears more than a passing resemblance to Shell dockley , but unlike Shell, she manages to keep her manipulative side well hidden, relying on her sex appeal and acting ability to turn most situations to her favour.

She may have the face of an angel, but inside, Snowball is cold, evil and totally without conscience. Other than herself, there is only one person she cares about: Yvonne atkins son, Ritchie. They belong together and nothing and no-one will be allowed to stand between them.

Last seen... Hanging herself from the G2 landing (s5ep10).&nbsp