Senior Officer. She has also twice stood in as Acting Wing Governor (s4ep11 & s8ep9).

Background Her late husband, Bobby, was also a PO but then left to run his own funeral business. They had 3 children: Constance, Gayle, and Bobby Darren. After Bobby's death, she got married for a second time, to former Larkhall SMO Dr Nicholson, but was widowed on her honeymoon.

Profile Sylvia is the cynic in the PO's Office, the epitome of the 'never listened, never learned' officer. She always thinks the worst of people and their motives and, no matter what, always feels hard done by.

Although she constantly moans about her job, the truth, however, is that she loves it. It's an easy life for her: sitting around in the office, being served tea by the prisoners, and bad-mouthing other folk. Prison would be even better for Sylvia if it wasn't for the inmates, and of course, a few of her more liberal colleagues.

Sylvia has no sympathy for any of the prisoners, regarding them all as guilty psychopaths who will never change their ways. Prison is the right place for them and if it were up to her, that's where most of them would stay. To put it into her own words: "happiness is door-shaped".

Last seen...

Suffering a Natalie-induced attack of seasonal spirit, much to the astonishment of G-Wing's inmates (s8ep11).icle here!