Sentence Five years for possession of cocaine, her second offence.

Background Widowed twice. Pregnant at the time of her arrival at Larkhall although the baby's fatherhood is in question.

Profile More than anything else, Tanya is a survivor. She's a strong woman who knows what she wants, and will do anything to get it. Although fiercely loyal to the few who have managed to win her friendship, anyone who crosses her quickly discovers that they've made the type of enemy nightmares are made of.

Tanya is highly intelligent and resourceful enough to manipulate a harmful situation to her advantage, but she's flawed by her belief that without her glamorous lifestyle, she's nothing. On G-Wing, Tanya really does have nothing. No friends, no allies, just plenty of people lining up to knock the darling of the tabloid off her luxury, designer pedestal.

Last seen... Leaving Larkhall in a chauffeur-driven limo after someone admitted to setting her up (s6ep8).