Sentence Five years for credit card fraud.

Background Janine broke her mum's heart when she was arrested and the rest of her family disowned her when she was sent down. Used to work in a high street fashion store where she masterminded a lucrative scam involving credit cards.

Profile Janine is a selfish, uneducated, thick-skinned and mouthy little madam. She has watched endless hours of Trisha and as a result, thinks she knows it all. She has an opinion about everything and is always ready to dish out advice. Basically, Janine loves the sound of her own voice and she's not afraid to speak her mind, although chances are that she'll say one thing to your face and another behind your back.

Janine isn't as cool as she might like to think. Although she's always wearing the latest fashion gear, she has no real sense of style. She may be older than her years and rigid in her views, but she's no match for the tougher inmates on G-Wing.

Last seen... Celebrating the birth of her baby daughter, Beverley Janine (s8ep11).&nbsp